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The Mortgage Process Spain

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Mortgage Process – 6 simple steps

  1. Initial Enquiry: The initial conversation with Mortgage Matters Spain about the buying process and what it entails followed up with an initial illustration from us of numbers involved by e-mail. Mortgage Matters will require you to complete a fact find with your full financial details in order to analyse the best mortgage product for your needs. This can be done even before you have found your dream Spanish property.
  2. Documents Required: Having had some initial discussions with the banks, Mortgage Matters will put together a full report detailing the kind of mortgage product most suitable to your needs along with a list of documents required in order to submit your application to the banks.
  3. Submit Application: We will package your application and submit it to the various banks. We can usually obtain an approval from the banks subject to valuation in 5 to 6 working days.
  4. Approval and Property Valuation: We will arrange for a valuation to be done on your property on behalf of the banks and coordinate with all parties involved – (the bank’s valuer, your lawyer, estate agent and most importantly you, our client.)
  5. Completion: We will arrange to make sure all paperwork is prepared and signed in readiness for completion and we will coordinate with all parties involved to get to completion in a timely manner.
  6. Enjoy your new Spanish property!
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